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Game Schedule

The Michigan Intercollegiate Polo Club Women's Varsity Team travels year round to compete, and primarily plays within the USPA Southeast Region.  An up to date schedule of games can be found below and at the USPA I/I site. 

The Michigan Intercollegiate Polo Club Men's Varsity Team is now looking to schedule games for 2020.

If you are interested in scheduling a game, please reach out at

October 6th 2019 @ Guelph

24-8 W

October 26th & 27th @ Michigan State

18-15 W

October 26th & 27th VS. U Wisconsin @MSU

22-4 W

November 2nd @ Cornell

14-13 W

November 16th & 17th @ Michigan State

16-14 W

November 16th & 17th VS. Louisville @MSU

19-9 W

February 3rd @ Cal Poly


February 21st - 23rd Southeast Prelims @ MSU


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